About the Eater


For as long as I can remember, I have been ravenous…but perhaps not always in the traditional sense of the word. If you look it up in the dictionary, you will find a definition along the lines of “very eager for food, satisfaction, or gratification,” which acknowledges my basic need for stimulation of all kinds.  Be it through consumption, travel or human interaction (and preferably a combination of all three), I maintain a truly voracious appetite for life.

I find that imbibing deeply in the world’s gastronomical delights not only satisfies my body but also fulfills my soul.  It is a pillar of my personal philosophy that the act of noshing can be a spiritual experience.  I believe that you shouldn’t ever turn up your nose or put down your fork because you never know what little beast, bivalve or botanical being may be your ticket to enlightenment.

This ticket has taken me far.  My travels began as an exchange student in Osaka, Japan where I developed a deep-rooted love for fresh friends, intrepid travel and adventure eating.  My wanderlust has since taken me around the globe with extended stays in Ecuador, Argentina, Czech Republic, China and Peru (not to mention the food-centric cities of New York and Portland, ME).  From ingesting a still-beating snake’s heart in Vietnam to drunkenly discussing the superiority of my home-state’s lobster with Peru’s former president, my sense of adventure has evolved into a lifestyle where nothing is permanent and anything is possible.

This is my attempt to record and share when my feet lead to feasts.
The world is just too damn delicious to enjoy alone.

xx Nina


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